Value.h File Reference

#include "Error.h"
#include "String.h"
#include "ValueBase.h"
#include "Validator.h"
#include "S11n.h"

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class  Value< T >


typedef Value< boolValueBool
typedef Value< char > ValueChar
typedef Value< double > ValueDouble
typedef Value< int > ValueInt
typedef Value< Object * > ValueObject
typedef Value< void * > ValuePointer
typedef Value< StringValueString
typedef Value< unsigned int > ValueUint
typedef Value< StringListValueStringList


static const char *const MSG_VALUE_TYPE_MISMATCH = "Trying to set mismatched type value."
static const char *const MSG_VALUE_STRING = "Cannot get value of type '%s' from the string '%s'."
static const char *const MSG_VALUE_INVALID = "Trying to assign an invalid value."

Typedef Documentation

typedef Value<bool> ValueBool

Definition at line 55 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<char> ValueChar

Definition at line 56 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<double> ValueDouble

Definition at line 57 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<int> ValueInt

Definition at line 58 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<Object *> ValueObject

Definition at line 59 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<void *> ValuePointer

Definition at line 60 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<String> ValueString

Definition at line 61 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<StringList> ValueStringList

Definition at line 63 of file Value.h.

typedef Value<unsigned int> ValueUint

Definition at line 62 of file Value.h.

Variable Documentation

const char* const MSG_VALUE_INVALID = "Trying to assign an invalid value." [static]

Definition at line 19 of file Value.h.

Referenced by Value< T >::set(), and Value< T >::Value().

const char* const MSG_VALUE_STRING = "Cannot get value of type '%s' from the string '%s'." [static]

Definition at line 18 of file Value.h.

const char* const MSG_VALUE_TYPE_MISMATCH = "Trying to set mismatched type value." [static]

Definition at line 17 of file Value.h.

Referenced by Value< T >::set().

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