Init.h File Reference

#include "Service.h"
#include "Registry.h"
#include "StringList.h"

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class  Init


static const char *const NAME_INIT = "init"
static const char *const MAN_INIT
static const char *const MAN_INIT_SERVICES

Variable Documentation

const char* const MAN_INIT [static]

Initial value:

Service <service>init</service> is responsible for initial start of other services. \
It uses <registry></registry> registry entry to obtain the list of services \
to be started. This service starts automatically when the process starts. It is not \
supposed to be started manually.\

Definition at line 15 of file Init.h.

Referenced by Init::MANUAL().

const char* const MAN_INIT_SERVICES [static]

Initial value:

Contains list of names of services to be started at the system startup. Service <service>init</service> \
does not pass any parameters to these services. So, they have to handle this type \
of starting.\

Definition at line 24 of file Init.h.

const char* const NAME_INIT = "init" [static]

Definition at line 14 of file Init.h.

Referenced by Init::NAME().

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