FSh.h File Reference

#include "pcrecpp.h"
#include "Service.h"
#include "TcpConnection.h"
#include "FShGetLine.h"
#include "Telnet.h"
#include "Registry.h"

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class  FSh


static const char *const NAME_FSH = "fsh"
static const char *const MAN_FSH
static const char *const MAN_FSH_COLORS_ON
static const char *const MAN_FSH_LOG

Variable Documentation

const char* const MAN_FSH [static]

Initial value:

Service <service>fsh</service> is a <keyword>Forth Shell</keyword>. That is what you are \
working with right now. To see all the available <keyword>Forth</keyword> words say <word>words</word>. \
To discover what a cool thing <keyword>Forth</keyword> is go to <url>http://www.forth.org.ru</url>. \

Definition at line 18 of file FSh.h.

Referenced by FSh::MANUAL().

const char* const MAN_FSH_COLORS_ON [static]

Initial value:

<registry>bool fsh.colors.on(true)</registry>\n\n\
Turn on and off colored output in the Forth shell (<service>fsh</service> service). \
It is a global property. It affects all Forth shells in the system.\

Definition at line 26 of file FSh.h.

const char* const MAN_FSH_LOG [static]

Initial value:

<registry>bool fsh.log.errors.on(false)</registry>\n\
<registry>String fsh.log.errors.regexp()</registry>\n\
<registry>bool fsh.log.warnings.on(false)</registry>\n\
<registry>String fsh.log.warnings.regexp()</registry>\n\
<registry>bool fsh.log.debug.on(false)</registry>\n\
<registry>String fsh.log.debug.regexp()</registry>\n\n\
Entries <registry>fsh.log.*.on</registry> turn on and off \
logs printing to a Forth shell. <registry>fsh.log.*.regexp</registry> \
allow to filter those logs. See man page for word <word>GREP</word> \
for <keyword>regular expressions</keyword> explanation. \
These are private properties. They affect only the Forth shell they belong to.\

Definition at line 32 of file FSh.h.

const char* const NAME_FSH = "fsh" [static]

Definition at line 17 of file FSh.h.

Referenced by FSh::NAME().

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